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Academic Dialogue Conference in Support of Yemen National Dialogue

A national and scientific initiative

The Queen Arwa University was involved in its development.

More than three hundred researchers and researchers

from various

Yemeni universities joined this conference

They provided scientific papers and research to support

this initiative.

The national dialogue addressed many political, social, legal

and economic issues.

The role of the Dialogue and Development Forum that he played during the Academic Dialogue Conference

  • The Dialogue and Development Forum was held in cooperation with Queen Arwa University (Academic Dialogue Conference) to support the national dialogue in the Republic of Yemen.
  • Along with Queen Arwa University, the forum oversaw the preparation, arrangement, and sponsorship of the Academic Dialogue conference.
  •  The Dialogue and Development Forum presented academic studies on the National Dialogue Matrix in the Republic of Yemen.
  •  Implemented many conferences and symposia related to national issues, especially the issues of the National Dialogue Conference, the most important of which are the regions – the issue of the South – the issue of Saada.
  • Several executive workshops were carried out as per the description of the National Dialogue Matrix.
  • The Dialogue and Development Forum printed and published the documents of the Academic Dialogue Forum, which were organized in two volumes containing all scientific papers, presented by the Academic Dialogue Conference to support the Comprehensive National Dialogue Conference – Yemen, held from 2013 to 2014.
  •  The Dialogue and Development Forum presented the presentation of a final summary of the Academic Dialogue Conference and released it in a document that included a summary of the conference’s mechanism and the most important results and recommendations that help the interlocutors in the Comprehensive National Dialogue Conference to complete their work.
  •  Carried out several workshops on the National Dialogue Matrix.

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