Believing in the importance of awareness in building humanity in various sectors and the necessity of working on direct awareness of workers and developing their skills.
Today, the Forum for Dialogue and Development launches a workshop on health awareness for friends of the environment
Today, the Dialogue and Development Forum launched a workshop on health awareness and environmental awareness, which targets workers in the Cleaning and Improvement Office in the secretariat of the capital, Sana’a, as a first stage.
The workshop was opened with a welcoming speech to the attendees
After that, a lecture entitled Health Education and Awareness was given by Dr. Jamila Al-Qubati
The Assistant Program Coordinator at the Forum, Mr. Fouad Al-Behairi, also gave an awareness lecture entitled The Importance of Education
To develop performance and human development psychologically and practically
This workshop takes place over two days
It is attended by a number of the office’s employees in Sana’a Governorate and those interested in the field of the environment.